I write articles about concepts I've learnt in Software Development. These are the articles I've written so far.


May 23
Rebuilding My Blog: From Next.js to Astro A reflection on transitioning from Next.js to Astro and the benefits of a lighter, faster website


May 05
Notifications in Progressive Web Apps using Web Push Learn the basics of setting up push notifications in your progressive web app


Jan 04
Implementing Stripe in my Gatsby Timeship A walkthrough of how I added payments to my Gatsby Timeship using Stripe


Oct 29
Setting up a MySQL database using Prisma A walkthrough on how to set up a MySQL database using Prisma ORM through serverless functions
Jul 17
Introduction to Open Graph Meta tags Open Graph Meta tags are used to describe your site to the world. This is a good way to give your site a unique identity.
Jun 05
How to use the tailwindcss typography plugin A tutorial on the tailwindcss/typography plugin which uses a set of prose classes to create beautiful typographic defaults
May 24
Sorting RSS feeds by year using Next.js Learn how you can sort blog articles by year of creation
May 09
How to make your footer stay at the bottom of the page A simple hack that can help you keep the footer at the bottom when content is not filling the screen.
May 01
How to get GitHub notifications on your Discord server A cool hack to help you get instant github notifications on your discord server whenever an action is performed on your repository.
Apr 15
My journey so far in web development The lessons I've learnt through my first year of web development


Sep 19
Layers Of Web Development for beginners An introduction to the layers that make up the process of developing websites and their purpose in the creation of a website
Aug 23
Introduction to Branches and Pull Requests for Beginners. A beginner friendly intro to a basic workflow where you'll learn how to create branches, creating pull requests and merging
Aug 15
How to use GitHub and Git for Beginners A basic git and github workflow to help beginners understand creating repos, cloning and making commits