How to use the tailwindcss typography plugin

June 5th, 20212 min read

I recently came across the tailwindcss-typography. This plugin provides a beautiful set of prose classes which you can use to add styling to HTML that you have no control of (such as rendered HTML from Markdown).

This article assumes you have basic knowledge in TailwindCSS. If you are new to TailwindCSS you can have a look at their installation guide and here is a great course from Scrimba that can help you learn the basics.

1. Install the tailwindcss typography plugin

To install the plugin you can either use yarn or npm

npm install @tailwindcss/typography


yarn add @tailwindcss/typography

2. Add the plugin to your tailwind config file

module.exports = {
	purge: [],
	darkMode: false,
	theme: {
		extend: {},
	variants: {
		extend: {},
	plugins: [require("@tailwindcss/typography")],

Add prose class to your html

Start by adding the base prose class then followed by the size-modifiers for example prose-sm, prose-lg, prose-xl and prose-2xl. Without the base prose class it will not work.

<article class="prose prose-lg">
		Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque nec
		lacued eu odio nec nisl varius placerat. In dapibus a lacus vitae fringilla.
		Donec condimentum tellus augue, eu lacinia est facilisis eu. Suspent ipPris
		a, cursus augue. Sed vitae dictum diam, id interdum ex.
		Nunc in nunc sed urna congue facilisis. In ullamcorper, nunc eget convallis
		imperdiet, quam felis rhoncus leo, id rhoncus erat leo vel

And that’s pretty much it. You will now have styled content and not have to worry about styling each element individually.

Here is a live demo of content that is styled using this plugin.

Thank you for reading ❤️